Accredited Learning

Accreditation is the process by which institutions of higher learning are evaluated to ensure that the education they provide meets acceptable standards. Kaplan Higher Education schools and learning institutions are accredited by one of several national or regional accrediting associations recognized by the U.S. Department of Education to accredit colleges, universities, and postsecondary institutions.*


Kaplan Higher Education is proud of the accreditation under which its various schools and institutions operate. Please note that the schools and institutions listed below are separate and independent operations and therefore the specific accrediting agency will vary by institution. Choose a school or institution from the list below to view specific details about its accreditation.


Regionally Accredited Institutions

Kaplan University

Kaplan University’s institutional accreditation covers all our schools and different learning options, which are listed below. These include online, campus, and blended learning. Please click on the link below to learn more about accreditation at Kaplan University and additional programmatic accreditation that may be offered at each location.


Kaplan University 

Concord Law School of Kaplan University 

Kaplan University School of Professional and Continuing Education 


Kaplan University Campuses and Learning Centers 


Kaplan University, Cedar Falls

Kaplan University, Cedar Rapids

Kaplan University, Davenport (Main Campus)

Kaplan University, Des Moines

Kaplan University, Mason City



Kaplan University Learning Center, Indianapolis




Kaplan University, Lincoln

Kaplan University, Omaha



Kaplan University, Lewiston

Kaplan University, South Portland

Kaplan University, Augusta  



Kaplan University, Hagerstown

Kaplan University Learning Center, Rockville



Kaplan University Learning Center, St. Louis



Kaplan University Learning Center, Milwaukee

Kaplan College, Kaplan Career Institute, and Other Kaplan Schools

Mount Washington College

New Hampshire 


Mount Washington College, Manchester


Kaplan Career Institute


Kaplan Career Institute, Charlestown* 



Kaplan Career Institute, Dearborn* 



Kaplan Career Institute, Nashville 


Kaplan Career Institute, Cleveland 



Kaplan Career Institute, Broomall 

Kaplan Career Institute, Franklin Mills 

Kaplan Career Institute, Harrisburg 

Kaplan Career Institute, Pittsburgh 

Kaplan Career Institute, Philadelphia 

Kaplan College


Kaplan College, Phoenix* 



Kaplan College, Bakersfield 

Kaplan College, Chula Vista 

Kaplan College, Fresno 

Kaplan College, Modesto 

Kaplan College, North Hollywood 

Kaplan College, Palm Springs 

Kaplan College, Riverside 

Kaplan College, Sacramento 

Kaplan College, San Diego 

Kaplan College, Vista 




Kaplan College, Jacksonville 



Kaplan College, Hammond 

Kaplan College, Indianapolis (Northwest)* 

Kaplan College, Indianapolis (Southeast) 



Kaplan College, Las Vegas 


North Carolina 

Kaplan College, Charlotte 



Kaplan College, Cincinnati* 

Kaplan College, Dayton 



Kaplan College, Arlington 

Kaplan College, Beaumont 

Kaplan College, Brownsville 

Kaplan College, Corpus Christi 

Kaplan College, Dallas 

Kaplan College, El Paso 

Kaplan College, Fort Worth 

Kaplan College, Laredo 

Kaplan College, Lubbock 

Kaplan College, McAllen  

Kaplan College, San Antonio (Ingram) 

Kaplan College, San Antonio (San Pedro) 


TESST College of Technology


TESST College of Technology, Baltimore 

TESST College of Technology, Beltsville 

TESST College of Technology, Towson 


Texas School of Business


Texas School of Business, Friendswood 

Texas School of Business, North (Houston) 


*This location is no longer enrolling new students.